Sell Priming Centrifugal Pump


  1. Perfect sealing assured by high quality mechanical seal which cannot run dry because of internal oil reservoir.
  2. Graded casting & SS shaft, increase Service life.
  3. Bearing greased for life, save external lubrication. Minimum need for inspection and maintenance.
  4. Drive options, of electric motor, coupled or mono block and belt drive versions, or by petrol/diesel engine.


  1. Capacity: 3~350m3/hr
  2. Max. Head: 60 m
  3. Max. Suction & Discharge: 8 m
  4. Motor Speed: 2900 rpm
  5. MOC of Impeller, shaft & body: Cast Iron
  6. Power Supply: 380~440V, 50 Hz


  1. Sewage and effluent treatment plants.
  2. Low NPSH process circulation duty.
  3. Aboard Ships as bilge, deck wash pump & engine cooling pump.
  4. Loading, Unloading and transfer of tricky liquids, oils, Solvents, gasoilds, mineral oils etc.