Chemical Dosing Pump

Chemical dosing pumps and controllers are specifically designed to monitor the use of chemicals being dispensed into key areas of the refining process. We know you often face challenges with extreme weather and remote conditions, and we have designed our chemical pumps with features that meet and exceed your needs.

Engineered under the firm direction of experienced team members, these handle inconsistent suction conditions and suction lift capabilities to 16 feet. These are straightened with Easy maintenance cartridge type check valves, Hypalont and Vitont diaphragms and Single and double ball check valves to ensure better performance.

Solenoid Drive Pump

Motor Drive pump

Features :

  1. Solenoid Drive Pump: 0~12 L/h
  2. Motor Drive pump: 15~2000 l/h

Contract Part: PVC, PVDF, PTFE, SS 304, SS 316


  • Liquid Including normal chemical, Corrosive, Practical, Hot and other substances.
  • waste Water, Boiler water, High Viscosity Cooling’s Tower.
  • RO, DM Municipal water treatment
  • Chemical Industries.

Brand: EMEC

Origin: Italy

Chemical Dosing Pump Working Principal

How Does a Dosing Pump Work? A dosing pump draws a measured amount of liquid into its chamber and injects the chemical into a tank or pipe that contains the fluid that is being dosed. It’s powered by an electric motor or an air actuator and has a controller that turns the pump on and off and manages the flow rate.