Roots Air Blower

It is like pump suction the air from the atmosphere environment then providing for the correct oxygen level as per demand of BOD, COD, DO. 

Application: Waste water plant, Fisheries, Paper Mills, Others. 

  • Series of Air Blower: TH,THS, THW
  • Capacity: 1~70 m3/min
  • Pressure: 1000~10000mmAq 
  • Motor: 1~300 Hp 
  • Power: 380~440V, 50Hz

        Brand: Trundean, ANLET

       Origin: Taiwan, Japan

  • Series of Turbo Blower
  • Capacity: 180~5100m3/min 
  • Pressure: 1000~10000mmAq
  • Motor: 1~300 Hp 
  • Power: 380~440V, 50Hz

      Brand: Hadron Engineering
      Origin: UK

Roots Air Blower Working Principal

The Roots-type blower is a positive displacement lobe pump which operates by pumping a fluid with a pair of meshing lobes resembling a set of stretched gears. Fluid is trapped in pockets surrounding the lobes and carried from the intake side to the exhaus