Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer

It has been noticed that we majorly need water for two domestic activities and that are “Industrial” and “Corporate”. We utilize nearly 65% of our total water in order to fulfill the water requirement for these two tasks. However, it is not necessary that the water we use should be of top quality in these cases.

If we are somehow able to reuse the water that has been drained from our Bathing/shower/laundry activities by treating and recycling then we would be able to save water. As our usage of water falls so will the burden on our water resources which is falling day by day. Grey water Treatment and reuse systems (GWTRS) is a process which can treat and recycle the water that comes out from our bathrooms and laundry and usually goes in waste. This water can later be used for flushing and gardening purposes.

Similarly, raw water that comes from natural sources like river water, well water, bore well water, etc. should be treated before you can use them for any of the needs mentioned below.

 Drinking water

 Process application

 Industrial application

 Beautification & recreation