Open Channel / Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Open Channel / Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Open Channel Flow Meters measure liquid flow through open drain or Channel. A transducer make ultrasonic wave send through media then calculate return sound wave respect time.


Type: Ultrasonic
Model: Multicont
Sensor: Easy TREK/ Echo TREK
Measuring Rang: 0.94~6627 m3 /hr
Accuracy: ±1%
Fluid temp: 0~80 deg C (Standard)
Measurement: Level & Volume
Monitor Protection: IP-65
Sensor Protection: IP-68
Monitor: Standard Wall Mounted
Case material: polycarbonate, Flame resistant
Communication: 4~20 mA, (RS485 Optional)
Power Supply: 220 VAC,50 HZ

Brand: Nivelco
Origin: Hungry


• Level measurement of liquids, wastewater, aggressive chemicals and slurries
• Agriculture
• Construction materials
• Chemical industry
• Food and beverage
• Oil industry
• Paper mill
• Water / wastewater industry


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