Online Analyzer (pH & DO)


Online Analyzer Controller is an instrument used to measure Water parameter as pH & DO of a water or solution for auto Dosing system.


Controller Model: LDPHDO
Type: Remote Controller
pH Probe Model: EPHS
pH Rang: 0~14 pH
Sensor Pressure: 0~7 bar (0.7 Mpa)
Max. Temp: 0~70 deg C
DO Probe Model: EOLUM
DO Rang: 0~20 mg/l
DO Sensor Pressure: 0~10 bar (1.0 Mpa)
Max. Temp: 5~60 deg C
Installation: Wall mounted
Electrical connection: VAC, 50 Hz
Output Signal: 4-20 mA
Relay Output: yes
Protection: IP 65

Brand: EMEC
Origin: Italy


Corporate Office:

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